Announcing the Landsdale Neighbourhood Inventory

Our project team includes:

  • Dr. Sarah Sheehan, community project lead
  • Stefan Spolnik, volunteer coordinator
  • Alissa Golden, City of Hamilton liaison
  • Our wonderful volunteers!

Despite having a fascinating history and wealth of historic buildings — reusable resources that are an important part of our built environment — Landsdale currently includes only 3 protected heritage properties. There are also 2 properties on the Register: the Rebel’s Rock building (537 King St. E.) and the former Pearl Company (16 Steven St.). We’re happy to report that the former Pearl Company building is being given new life as affordable housing: a great example of how adaptive reuse plays an important role in supporting equity and sustainability.

Through this inventory, we’re excited to celebrate the stories, buildings, and streetscapes of this downtown neighbourhood.

With thanks to Alissa Golden, Stefan Spolnik, and everyone who’s supported or volunteered with the project so far.

Lead photo: Brian Kowalewicz.

Image: City of Hamilton.
Protected heritage properties in Landsdale.
Vintage photos showing Barton at Leeming. Images: Barton Village BIA / Cinema Treasures.

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