ACO Heritage Awards nomination

This award recognizes people who bring attention to a heritage crisis and mobilize others to act. My nomination leads me to reflect on two things. First: how it takes a village to raise awareness about a heritage building at risk — like St. Giles — and how grateful I am to the amazing volunteers in the Friends of St. Giles, and to those who’ve supported us on this long journey. Second: to me, true success will be when this award is no longer needed. Imagine a world where it doesn’t fall to dedicated individuals sacrificing their time and energy to raise the alarm and defend our built environment — but instead where our cities & towns cherish, protect, and reuse this valuable resource as a matter of course.

The 2022 ACO Heritage Awards

The awards will be presented this week at a gala event in Toronto. You can even see St. Giles’ beautifully crafted red-brick tower featured on the event invite:

Image: ACO Heritage Awards.
Image: ACO Heritage Awards.

About the ACO and the A.K. Sculthorpe Award

Through advocacy and direct action, the Architectural Conservancy Ontario (ACO) has been involved in preserving Ontario’s architectural and environmental heritage since 1933.

The A.K. Sculthorpe Award for Advocacy recognizes an individual, a group or a non-profit organization that has brought greater attention to an important heritage issue or controversy, and/or that has been able to persuade others, change policies and practices, or mobilize people during a heritage crisis.

It honours Alice King Sculthorpe, a former ACO president, beloved for her spirited and steadfast will to preserve our valuable heritage. A.K. was a formidable campaigner for Port Hope’s wealth of historic architecture. She led the fight to save—among other key sites—the 1856 Grand Trunk Railway station, the 1930 Capitol Theatre, St. Mark’s 1822 Church, and Walton Street, Port Hope’s main street and the spine of its commercial heritage conservation district.

Alice and Robert Sculthorpe. Photo: ACO.

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