Ghost Landscape in the news

The USW Local 1005 Stelco union gathered behind the Woodlands Park fire station. According to the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre (WAHC), the fire station itself is tied to the park’s union history. Photo: Cara Nickerson/CBC.
Bill Mahoney started the Ghost Landscape unveiling by reciting a poem he wrote about Hamilton’s labour history, and the struggles of the 1946 strikers. Beside him is Sarah Sheehan, the project lead for Ghost Landscape. Photo: Cara Nickerson/CBC.
This Ghost Landscape banner shows the aftermath of the destruction of Woodlands Park in 1947. Photo: Sarah Sheehan.
USW Local 1005 president Ron Wells said the union history in Woodlands Park is one of sacrifice by the early striking workers, and sabotage by the city. Photo: Cara Nickerson/CBC.

With thanks to Cara Nickerson, Eva Salinas, Ron Wells, Jim McColl, Bill Mahoney, Alice Plug-Buist, Laura Farr, Jason Morse, Glen Marshall, Naomi Bower, Graham Carroll, and all the members of USW Local 1005.

CBC Hamilton is a digital news service of the CBC (est. 1936), Canada’s national public broadcaster.

Photos: Cara Nickerson.

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