Pucci (Paper) Patterns

I had the pleasure of writing about Emilio Pucci’s licensed commercial sewing patterns for Dress: The Journal of the Costume Society of America.

Update (May ’22): Full bibliographical reference:

Sarah Sheehan, “Pucci (Paper) Patterns, 1956–73,” Dress 48.1 (2022), 85–93.

With thanks to Tina Bates and the anonymous reviewer for Dress, Katie Johnson, Margaret Ordoñez, and Kristen Zohn. This article grew out of an earlier project, and I am grateful to Amanda Vinnicombe and Jamie Camplin for their interest and encouragement. For assistance with image permissions questions, thanks to Samuel at Getty Images; Dennis Sharp, SFO Museum, and Ben Cass, Braniff Airways Foundation; Andrew Howick, mptv Images; Jill Davison and Becky King, Meredith; Ursula Morgan and Lori White, CSS Industries; and Tammy Russo, Design Group Americas. Special thanks to Ellie Brown and Jazz Gill, Iconic Images; Christina Johnson and Joanna Abijaoude, FIDM; Lizzie Bramlett and Etsy sellers Fragolina and Virtual Vintage Patterns; and to Carole Dumoulin, Deirdre McCabe Nolan, Caroline Berton, Miranda Muscente, and everyone at Condé Nast who helped ensure the article could include an early Vogue cover.

Founded in 1975, Dress is the biannual journal of the Costume Society of America, published by Routledge / Taylor & Francis Group.

Photo: Howell Conant

Cover of the journal DRESS, vol. 47 no. 1, 2021, with black and white photo of the Supremes

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