Ghost Landscape in Novæ Res Urbis

“Woodlands Park: Ghost Landscape” is featured in this week’s Novae Res Urbis, Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area edition.

Marc Mitanis interviewed me about the project for his piece on Hamilton’s ongoing Placemaking Grant Pilot Program. Also featured are Esther Bryce’s “Portraits in Hamilton Amateur Athletic Association Park” (Kirkendall / Ward 1) and Hazel Cho and Juby Lee’s “The Children’s Garden” at Gage Park (Delta / Ward 3).

REINVENTING SPACE AS PLACE by Marc Mitanis - Hamilton Placemaking program seeks to enliven public spaces, unite community. Photos show an artist with their work and sign for the Children's Garden

“Woodlands Park: Ghost Landscape” is a temporary project made possible by the City of Hamilton’s Placemaking Grant Pilot Program with support from the Patrick J. McNally Charitable Foundation. Additional support is generously provided by the Ward 3 Office of Councillor Nrinder Nann and USW Local 1005.

With thanks to Marc Mitanis, Samantha Lum, and Sarah Ehmke.

Novae Res Urbis Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area, September 15, 2021 (Vol. 24 no. 36)"Reinventing Space as Place," , 4

Online: Marc Mitanis, “Reinventing Space as Place,” Novae Res Urbis GTHA, September 15, 2021 (Vol. 24 no. 36), 4–6.

First published in 1998, Novæ Res Urbis GTHA is a weekly subscribers’ newsletter that helps decision-makers stay current on municipal and regional affairs in the ‘905’ area.

Photo: Workers’ City / The William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections, McMaster University Library.

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