Another step on the path to #SaveStGiles

Ongoing work by local residents and heritage advocates to save St. Giles — a century-old architectural gem in Hamilton’s Ward 3 — made the front of today’s Local section of the Hamilton Spectator.

Thanks to Teviah Moro for his story about residents’ efforts to save the former St. Giles United Church from demolition. Members of the Friends of St. Giles delegated to the Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee on March 26th, 2021.

About St. Giles:

Video of Friday’s heritage committee meeting can be viewed on YouTube. NB: discussion of St. Giles resumes at 2:22.

Spectator print edition: “Heritage fans plot next steps to save St. Giles” (Mar. 29, 2021, A3) | online: “Hamilton heritage enthusiasts plot next steps to save St. Giles United Church” (Mar. 29, 2021)

West elevation of St. Giles with WW1 cairn on Holton Ave. S.

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Photos: Cathie Coward

Front page of the Hamilton Spectator, Monday, March 29

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