Checking in on the Connolly

Print: “Checking in on the Connolly,” February 13, 2021, A17 | online: “Hamilton’s infamous church facade: a check-in on the Connolly,” February 12, 2021

Checking in on the Connolly: New roles for what's left of James Street Baptist, from a TV dystopia to condos

With thanks to Paul Wilson, Lucasz Wywrot, John Wilcox of Vitreous Glassworks, Samantha Lem for kg&a, Laura Sears for mcCallumSather, Tim Ritchie, and Howard Elliott. Drew Hauser recollection via David McPherson/The Globe and Mail; Edwin Heathcote via The Financial Times.

The Hamilton Spectator (est. 1846) is published by Metroland Media Group, a division of Torstar.

Photo: Scott Gardner, 2019.
Left: A Handmaid, guards, and CGI James Street Baptist in a still from "Birth Day" (The Handmaid's Tale, Season 1, episode 2) Right: map view of the ruin of James Street Baptist
Image: Hulu / Google / Atlas of Wonders.
Image: mcCallumSather, 2019.
Rendering: mcCallumSather.
Rendering: mcCallumSather.

Rendering: mcCallumSather. Spectator video by Scott Gardner.

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