Save the last dance: Hanrahan’s, a 2020 story worth remembering

Hanrahan’s made the Spectator’s year-end list of “True grit and other Hamilton headlines.”

After working for many months to “make some noise” and save the former Hotel Hanrahan, it was an honour to see the Hanrahan’s story featured alongside other news of the year — including the Terry the Turtle saga.

Delaney Caulfield highlighted Matthew Van Dongen’s February 2020 front-page story among the year’s most memorable news. You can also read my Spec op-eds about why Hanrahan’s was worth saving here and here.

Yes, these nine things also happened in 2020. These stories are worth remembering from the year that won't end

Spectator print + online editions: “Yes, these nine things also happened in 2020” (Dec. 23, 2020, A9)

Hanrahans artist's concept by Bill Curran
Hanrahans artist’s concept by Bill Curran

The Hamilton Spectator (est. 1846) is published by Metroland Media Group, a division of Torstar.

Photo: Brian Henley

Front page of the Hamilton Spectator, Wednesday, December 23, 2020

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