Designation in the core, demolition in the east: whose history matters?

St. Giles, designed by Hamilton firm Stewart & Witton (Superior Engravers, 1957)

My Saturday op-ed on church conversions as affordable housing and community spaces, and the former St. Giles in east Hamilton. St. Giles is at risk of demolition by its owner, New Vision United Church.

Print: “Let’s not bulldoze the plague saint’s church,” December 12, 2020, A19.

"Let's not bulldoze the plague saint's church" op-ed about St. Giles by Dr. Sarah Sheehan, December 12, 2020

With thanks to Howard Elliott. Vonny Sweetland comments via Dominik Kurek/Metroland. Marcel Leclerc comments on the St. Thomas Lofts courtesy of Gary Yokoyama’s 2014 video for the Hamilton Spectator.

The Hamilton Spectator (est. 1846) is published by Metroland Media Group, a division of Torstar.

Photo: Superior Engravers, 1957

The Hamilton Spectator front page, Weekend December 12, 2020

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