Meet Me at Hanrahan’s

Hamilton, Ontario - September 24,2019- Sarah Sheehan, with a PhD in medieval Irish literature, arrived from Toronto a couple of years ago. She and her wife like Hamilton's built heritage and bought an old house near Barton and Victoria. Sarah often takes the Barton bus past the old three-storey Hanrahan's Hotel, a strip joint in more recent times. When she read last month that it had closed and was slated to be torn down, she started researching the building and its stories. She wonders if it just might be Hamilton's oldest purpose-built hotel in continuous use. She thinks the building deserves adaptive re-use, not demolition. Cathie Coward/ Hamilton Spectator

With thanks to Paul Wilson.

The Hamilton Spectator (est. 1846) is published by Metroland Media Group, a division of Torstar.  Wilson’s column also appears in newspapers including the Guelph Mercury Tribune, the St. Catharines Standard, and the Waterloo Record.

Photos: Cathie Coward

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