Hurly Burly

Cover story about Cadence Machry, founder of the Hamilton Burlesque Society, and GTHA burlesque history. Feature written for the Winter issue of Hamilton Magazine.

Cadence Machry as Miss Cadence, photographed by Brody White

Hurly Burly: After a brush with City Hall, the burlesque revival steps back into the limelight. Cadence Machy photographed for Hamilton Magazine by Brody White

Thanks to Cadence Machry, the Archives of Ontario, Tanya Cheex, Samantha Craggs, Genie Emerald, Amanda Gaul, HPL Local History & Archives, Loretta Jean, Liz Mac and Final Girl Press, the Office of the City Clerk, Gary Smith, Ginger St. James, and Ross Thomson.

Hamilton Magazine (est. 1978) is published by Town Media, a division of Postmedia.

Photos: Brody White

The New Burlesque: Cadence Machry (Miss Cadence) on the cover of Hamilton Magazine, Winter 2019

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